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I am Pastor Ihemelandu N. Ndukwe, The Lead Pastor of Word and Power Assembly churches in the United Arab Emirates.
I believe that you have entered – not just into a website, but into the place where you will have a definite encounter with God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior; a place of healing and restoration, reconciliation, regeneration, transformation, refreshing and shelter from the heat of life.

For the Lord called us not to preach in the enticing words of man’s wisdom; but to preach the word of God pure and unadulterated ….in demonstration of the Spirit and of Power, So that men’s faith will not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God!
There are living proofs in this place of God’s power and faithfulness. Come and enjoy your own experience in and of His Word and Power; For He is faithful who has called us and who also is fulfilling His Word… and confirming our words with signs and wonders following.
Get ready for a life changing and transforming time with the Lord as you go through the different anointed materials.


And May the good Lord richly bless you!.


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