Word and Power Assembly Daily Devotional - Lord's Doing

Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust, And does not respect the proud nor such as turn aside to lies.  Many O Lord are Your wonderful works which You have done;  And Your thoughts towards us cannot be recounted to You in order;  If I would declare and speak of them. They are more than can be numbered. PSALM  40  :  4  –  5

To who would you commit your cause? Job said: “ To God who only does great things and unsearchable, marvelous things without number … Hear it & know for yourself!” God says : “I know the thoughts that I (GOD) think towards you –  they are higher than whatever you can think for, about or to do for yourself!  

Can you let them (His thoughts) materialize for you?  They are Thoughts … of peace and not of evil,… to give you a hope and a future … to bring you to the expected end!” Your peace, your hope, your  future … … are not yours, you don’t have it either! God does and He only, gives it! He also has your end, your destination!  God is not in any end that is not peace(full) … Because God is a God of Peace; His Spirit is the Spirit of Peace; His word is Peace and Jesus is the Prince of Peace! Otherwise, His thoughts & works would not be of peace.

God’s word to us is that it is not the beginning … i.e. how you begin or began with God, that matters but the end … i.e. how you end in it or ended it. Every end is a work of materialization of thoughts. What has been the end of your affairs? What and whose worked ends are evident around you … God’s or yours or those of another man? But we know that Every end of God is and will always be good … Every end with Him is not war but peace putting pieces together into one piece called ‘ the Lord’s doing’ … It is Blessed, Wonderful, Mighty and Marvelous in our eyes; and will endure(last & remain) forever, not for a moment!

In peace there are no pieces … That’s why God’s works can be counted until they become un-recountable in order!  Who can number the stars in the sky … the sands on the shore… the hairs on the head?

No one … For ‘Marvelous things’ can’t be numbered! What is that thing; that work? Just Let God work His thoughts into a marvelous thing for you! He does work things out if you make Him your trust in truth; having no respect for the proud. The proud defy God to gain ‘victory’ by works for themselves unto themselves which do not endure. There is no ‘wonder’, ‘beauty’, or anything to ‘marvel’ in works you have done (worked out) by your strength! So the scripture says – “ Mark the end of a man perfect with God (in ALL his ways), … it is peace! God never takes peacemakers away from peace but He takes peace away from the wicked   This is His wonderful doing to His sons, the peacemakers!  

PERSONAL CONFESSION : Lord, in your peace I shall find peace for Great Peace have they who love your law. By Your doing, Lord put every pieces in my life together into ‘doings’ of your peace; and I will reign with the Prince of Peace!

FURTHER READING : Job5:8-9; Genesis1:31; Isaiah.55:11

BLESS God with Psalm 72:18a – The mountains will bring peace to you and yours by righteousness & break your oppressor in pieces!

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